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Let's connect at TPM Tech & TPM22!

Our team is excited to gather in person at the Long Beach Convention Center for both TPM Tech and TPM22. These are can't-miss events for BCOs and LSPs alike—we hope to see you there!

On the main stage

Be sure to mark your calendar to hear Slync's Chris Kirchner sit down with Eric Johnson (Senior Editor of Technology at JOC) to discuss "Digitization and a Path to Less Fragile Supply Chains" during TPM Tech on Friday, February 25 at 1:15pm PST.


One-on-one meetings

Schedule an in-person meeting with some of Team Slync's top logistics technology experts, including:

  • Burt White (Director, Sales)
  • Dave Rink (Solutions Consulting)

Choose your preferred day and time, and we'll be in touch.


Let's connect at Supply Chain Execution USA!

Planning may be everything, but it's nothing without execution. We're excited to gather in Chicago on May 17-18 to explore the latest in supply chain execution with our peers at this Reuters event—hope to see you there!


One-on-one meetings

Schedule an in-person consultation to learn more about Logistics Orchestration® and how it enables better supply chain execution—from inbound ocean freight to warehousing (including CFS and transload facilities) and all the way to final-mile.

2023-Cary Dittmann

Cary Dittmann

SVP, Sales

2023-Jared Sables

Jared Sables

Director, Sales