Streamline ocean carrier bookings during perpetual peak season

Whether it is unprecedented customer demand or unpredictable acts of nature, outside forces have turned every season into peak season. And shippers, carriers and LSPs have fallen out of sync.


So, now—as the entire world is competing for the same limited capacity—the continuous flow of information is the only way to overcome market dissonance and make smarterfaster and more accurate decisions to keep ocean freight moving. In an industry with razor thin margins, there has never been a greater need for logistics service providers to streamline and automate their booking and allocation processes.


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Deliver outcomes that steer your business*


faster booking and shipment transactions


hours saved in core booking processes


reduction in manual reporting efforts

*Based on actual results with a Top 10 global freight forwarder

Powered by the Logistics Orchestration® platform by, Intelligent Carrier Management helps you manage the chaos caused by perpetual peak shipping season by streamlining and automating booking execution, orchestrating the supply and demand of bookings, providing seamless exception management and delivering actionable insights on booking and carrier metrics.

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